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 BEC 口语总结(口语书各主题总结)

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 BEC 口语总结(口语书各主题总结)

 BEC 口语总结 一.商务旅行/ 差旅

 (1) 前期准备 preparation

 1. accommodation:book a hotel(hall等)with adequate working facilities( such as fax machine , internet access,computers 等)

 2. transportation :choose a convenient(suitable)means of transportation (2) 费用:hotel bills,traveling expenses,public transportation fares , fax or telephone charges,

 client entertainment expenses

 BEC 口语总结(口语书各主题总结)

 (3) 考虑因素:

 文 化 差 异 cultural differences :different thought patterns;working style ;ways of decision-making ;shopping habits;ways of seeing the world 如何应对:

 1. promote the global mindset 2. become sensitive to the cultural difference/be open-minded 3. respect for native culture 4. consider cultural taboos 5. the staff should acquaint with

 BEC 口语总结(口语书各主题总结)

 differences in language,laws and social customs 6. relocate the employee to work abroad to experience different working style

 训 二.员工培训 training

 (1) 主要内容:(内容+ 意义

  1.communication skills +avoid misunderstanding;get the work well done

 2.customer service +it is critical to meet customers‘ needs ; increase

 BEC 口语总结(口语书各主题总结)

 customers’ satisfaction

 3.interpersonal relationship + enhance mutual understanding and trust skills + it is important for conducting administrative and offer tasks training + give practical advice for avoiding getting hurt

 6. business ethics ( 商 业 道 德 )+customers’ loyalty and trust to the company

 (2) 重要性


 1. enhance company image

 BEC 口语总结(口语书各主题总结)

 2. increase productivity 从雇员的角度:


 increase job satisfaction


 boost morale(among employees)


 enhance efficiencies in process which result in financial gain

 4 .

 reduce employee turnover/retain employee


 acquire more practical skills that is beneficial for the personal development


 ensure employees have greater commitment in their work/continue effort

 BEC 口语总结(口语书各主题总结)


 ensure employees keep up with the latest information for market trend


 help them have a clear idea of future job

  (以上的好处或重要性适用于任何有关公司发展的政策措施或活动) (3) 如何使培训有成效

 Good preparation ensures effective training(任何有关准备的主题都可以套用)

 1. maintain a positive energy and attitude 2. fully equipped facilities 3. meet the training needs/requirements

 BEC 口语总结(口语书各主题总结)

 4. company budget 5. well-organized materials ( (4 )如何鉴定培训 是否具有成效


 organize a relevant test


 to conduct a survey to participants to see whether they have any improvement in the work performance


 whether the training address the issues/solve problems

 三 . 激励员工 留住员工


 BEC 口语总结(口语书各主题总结)

 1. offer financial benefits/bonus

 2. effective training + 同上 training的好处 3. provide cozy/comfortable working environment + feel at ease/increase efficiency 4. paid holiday + release 5. profit-sharing plan 公司利润分享制 6. stock option 7. constant communication between the employer and the employer 8. flexible working hour+ balance work and life/reserve time for family,hobby or personal development

 BEC 口语总结(口语书各主题总结)

 9. offer some special gift that meet employee’s expectation 10. opportunities for promotion 11. offer physical health check-up for the staff/membership or discount at health and fitness club

 聘 四.招聘 Recruiting

  (1) 招聘方式(优缺点)

  1. 内部招聘 internal promotion

 优点:have more motivational value boost morale encourage employees to

 BEC 口语总结(口语书各主题总结)

 continue effort give other employees anticipation of promotion reduce the orientation and training cost make good use of abundant human resources

  缺点:if not fair,it will lead to internal conflict

  补充一下内部招聘的具体做法:a sele

 BEC 口语总结(口语书各主题总结)

 ction test/wel

 BEC 口语总结(口语书各主题总结)

 l-designed int

 BEC 口语总结(口语书各主题总结)

 erview/check r

 BEC 口语总结(口语书各主题总结)

 ecord of past

 BEC 口语总结(口语书各主题总结)


 BEC 口语总结(口语书各主题总结)


  2 ,外部招聘 external recruitment

  优点:receive a source of new ideas/latest knowledge

  avoid unfair selecting

  be contributable to company‘s overall growth and success

 缺点:deprive career anticipation

 BEC 口语总结(口语书各主题总结)

  discourage morale

 Increase training cost

 其他 招聘方式(TV ,newspapers, ,internet ,recruitment company )


 Interne(online recruitment):lost cost;reach vast audience/attract wide attention ; attract potential customers + may be annoying Television:reach vast audience + high cost;people often change channels Newspaper(put ad in the local

 BEC 口语总结(口语书各主题总结)

 newspaper):reach vast reader + life

 span is short, readers often discard them quickly

 ask a recruitment company :professional + high cos;cannot find the right person


 等)launch a advertising campaign, ,publicity

 1. Interne(online recruitment):lost cost;reach vast audience/attract wide attention;attract potential customers +

 BEC 口语总结(口语书各主题总结)

 may be annoying 2. Television:reach vast audience + high cost;people often change channels 3. Newspaper(put ad in the local newspaper):reach vast reader + life span is short, readers often discard them quickly cost 5.give out free sample:give a personal experience

 6.send direct email to target customers:get a mailing list of target customers;attract potential customers + people often ignore or just delete it

 BEC 口语总结(口语书各主题总结)

 immediately without open (should use attractive headline)

 7.give out leaflets


  (1) 前期准备(召开前要考虑的要点)

 1. agenda(key point):set out in advance to state date,time and location;inform them of all the items to be discussed together;ask them for suggestions for

 BEC 口语总结(口语书各主题总结)


 2. venue:choose a suitable venue;with convenient transportation ; big enough to accommodate all the participants;

  3.facilities :

 fully equipped with necessary facilities such as overhead projector,fax,telephone,computer with access to the internet

  4.the size/length of the meeting

 (2) 集会的目的:

 1. keep on track of market trend(to

 BEC 口语总结(口语书各主题总结)

 respond quickly)

  2. gather ideas to reach more workable final decision

 3,offer platform to share valuable experience 3. exchange views to solve problem (3). 其他形式的集会活动


 buffet dinners


 afternoon teatime


 sightseeing tour reward ceremony 目的同上:商务会议的目的




 work plans

 BEC 口语总结(口语书各主题总结)


 analysis for market trend and development


 sales report(销售会议)


 related figures/data

 give a overall picture ; useful for setting goals/targets

 (5 )参加会议需要注意什么( 会中):

  1.listen carefully :show respect to others;benefit from their views

 2. take notes:ensure not miss the important items;useful for later reference

 七.缓解工作压力/ 应对繁重工作

 BEC 口语总结(口语书各主题总结)

  (1). 表现:

 consistently working late

  working through lunch

 come to work even when ill/often ask for sick leave

 rush to meet tight deadline

 bring work home (2) 后果:

 high turnover;poor performance;in low spirit;lower productivity (3) 解决措施:( 具体措施+ 好处)

 1. time management training: prioritize all tasks in order of importance and urgency + feel at ease with their routine

 BEC 口语总结(口语书各主题总结)


 2. flexible working time + balance work and life 3. provide some sports facilities/organize sports activities + enhance employees’ health 4. encourage to take up a hobby + get off the fatigue 5. provide coffee rooms and nutritious refreshment + help to relax 6. provide childcare/eldercare/transportation facilities + help to cope with these responsibilities

 BEC 口语总结(口语书各主题总结)


 It is really time that we should take some immediate measures


 issue a news release 2.make arrangement for the victims 3.

 offer all kinds of assistance 4.

 offer some compensation 5.

 assign some staff to their family to help to cope with tragedy 6.

 make a promise to


 organize some related training programme about

 BEC 口语总结(口语书各主题总结)


 (产品)recall all the product from the market to prevent possible danger

 九.公司选址/ 迁址


 1. get closer to the target market 2. cheaper labor cost;low rates of corporate tax 3. site :

 well-established and fast-growing business area(which have high level of demand for services)

 4. convenient public transportation

 BEC 口语总结(口语书各主题总结)

 5. leasing rent ( choose one can afford)

 6. avoid competition 7. consider expansion potential( which offer some flexibility and room for the expansion of company)

 8. better working environment


 好 处 :

 boost business ; lead to higher-quality performance ;increase company‘s profits (这几个都是万能短语)

 十.市场营销( 产品相关的话题)

 BEC 口语总结(口语书各主题总结)

  (1) 产品属性:

 brand;price;quality;after-sales service;reputation;reliability (2) 价格的制定

 影响因素:competition; supply and demand; customers’ perception of price 措施: offer seasonal /trade/cash discount to stimulate demand,boost sale

 Carry out survey to find out customers’ needs and tastes (3) 产品推销/ 推广

 目的:aim at target market;promote product efficiency;meet and beat fierce competition

 BEC 口语总结(口语书各主题总结)

 capture a large market share(占领市场较大份额)


 1. launch a advertising campaign(略,见上) 2. personal selling :

 employ some experienced salespeople 3. sales promotion:offer promotional gifts;coupons 优惠券;rebate回扣;loyalty scheme;sweepstake 抽奖;free samples;trading stamp;contest 4. publicity:mass media 好处:attract potential customers ;boost the sale of product ; encourage

 BEC 口语总结(口语书各主题总结)

 customers to try new products (4) 客户服务 customer service

 目的:increase the level of customer satisfaction ; meet customers’ expectation;improve the standard of customer service 提高服务质量的措施:

 1. Have an after-sale services supervision system ( monitor ,supervise)

 2. staff training programme(improve staff friendliness ; the speed of service;learn to deal with customer complaints)

 BEC 口语总结(口语书各主题总结)

 3. check sales figures regularly 4. obtain feedback from customer (set up a hotline;conduct a survey) (5) 留住顾客

  目的:maintain customer loyalty;keep customer 措施:

 1. understand what the customer needs

 2. provide high quality product and good service 3. offer some discount to regular customer 4. upgrade interior decoration

 BEC 口语总结(口语书各主题总结)

 十一. 招待客户

 具体款待方式+ 好处

 (1) appropriate types of activities:

 1. arrange a big welcoming dinner+ show warm welcome/hospitality;make them feel at ease;set a stage for conversation and potential business 2. show them around our company ,especially the best part + give them an overview of our facilities and production methods

 BEC 口语总结(口语书各主题总结)

 3. take them to see places of cultural and historical interest/experience cultural events(plays;concerts;sport events)

 + offer us good opportunities to get to know each other better;give them more insight into our way of doing business;help encourage their business interest in china;have a chance to take in the local flavor (2) cost

 high cost means excellence in service (3) business objectives 1. have a clear plan in mind 2. work out a list of specific business

 BEC 口语总结(口语书各主题总结)

 objectives to achieve 3. land business contracts


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